Cultural Evolution: A Case Study of Indian Music

wim-pictOriginally published in Sangeet Natak, Journal of the Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, Vol. 35, Jan-Mar. 1975, p. 49-65.

Apart from the fact that this issue is not easily found, it must also be added that the editor had not sent the text for proofreading nor had she done any checking herself. As a result (and also because of the then prevalent system of typesetting), the article was virtually unintelligible due to many typographical errors.

With the renewed interest in evolutionary musicology and the rise of memetics in music, this article may be of interest. I think it is one of the earliest statements of a neo-darwinian approach to music.

Meer – Cultural evolution, A Case Study of Indian Music (Sangeet Natak 35, 1975)

to the left: the author in younger days … though later than 1975