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For a number of years we have run the Oideion web-journal, which existed side by side with the hard copy journal of the same name. In 2010 it was decided that this line was definitely going to be discontinued. The name of the society had changed from “ethnomusicology” to “the (study of the) performing arts world-wide”, and we also felt that the name and purpose of the publications should be changed. At present then, Bake society maintains the following channels:

  • The website (also available at the old address, which has a home page with current activities and a news page with more old news (we will soon streamline this)
  • The Bake Society Series, in the form of books that may be the outcome of a conference or a project. There is no regular schedule of publication. The following titles are scheduled in the coming years:
    • Kouwenhoven and Kippen (eds.), Music and the Art of Seduction
    • Spoorman and Gales, Dutch Colonial Musical Heritage
    • Abels (ed.), Oceans of Sound: Sama Dilaut Performing Arts
  • The present online journal, which is meant in particular for young and rising scholars. There is no peer-review system (which is currently much debated), but we do demand that the article conforms to the basic tenets of academic work. We use comments so that the community of experts in the field may enter into discussion with the author and/or others in the community. This system of peer post-reviewing is currently one of the alternatives to the traditional system.

Table of Contents

Carolien Hulshof: Rusha Roho in Zanzibar, Negotiating Identity, Contesting Society

Julia Heuwekemeijer: Taraf de Haïdouks as Re-Gypsyfiers, A Critique on the Seductions of Authenticity