A member’s contribution

Members, bakeezees (see urbandictionary if you must), can only contribute text. But it’s fast and easy. So go ahead! Don’t forget to put your name under the text, otherwise the message will be discarded. Also, it takes some time for the message to be processed, so have patience.

info [at] abake.nl


An author’s contribution

OK, so I’m an author. What does that mean? Well, I have a name, I can add pictures (and lots of other things), and my posts get posted immediately. Good!

I really wanted our generic contributor to be a bakemono but that name is already taken of course.

Starting the new Bakesociety Online Information Xchange (BOIX)

Over the past years we have been trying to facilitate online information exchange for the Bake community. It’s tricky because of many reasons, but with ever increasing IT possibilities we thought of giving it another go. We have now started a blog in wordpress, which is free and easy to use. For members there are three main ways to contribute:

  1. By using the generic account “bakeezee” (for which you should have received a code). With this account you can only contribute text messages. Also, messages have to be reviewed and approved by the editors of the blog. You must put your real name below the blog. Such a communal account requires a bit of common sense and sensitivity. We hope it works…
  2. By applying for an author account. Authors are not screened, as their contributions automatically contain the authors name. Also, authors can add images and files to their posts. You get an author’s account by mailing to info[at]abake.nl.
  3. By using the comment button

This BOIX is meant for exchanging ideas or even opinions and also information about relevant seminars, lectures, conferences, meetings. It is not meant for propaganda, whether it is about concerts, groups, artists or whatever. Remember Bake society is a knowledge exchange platform.