The 2013 Bake day (March 23)

fotoThe morning was reserved for the General Assembly. Last year the whole board was there, and one ordinary member – this year from the board there was only the president (well, Sieta was there but only to say that she resigned), and a handful of ordinary members. I wasn’t there myself, so I can’t comment on any details. Apparently the president survived, because in the afternoon he coordinated one of the sessions. The sessions were, in my opinion, quite interesting. In the first one Jeanneke den Boer, Suzanne van der Pol and Bernard Kleikamp gave there views on musi-cultural entrepreneurship. Jeanneke and Bernard are very experienced and what they had to say could have been interesting for many of the currently unemployed musicologists,  but the cold probably kept most of them away. Suzanne gave her perspective from the starters point of view. The members who were present were mostly students or retired. Perhaps our absent members were too busy. The second session was a panel discussion about the rising phenomenon of cultural musicology, a confluence of new musicology, new ethnomusicology and much much more. Pieter de Rooij recorded it all (click here to listen/download).


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